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Monday, 28 September 2015

Argo (2012)

Directed by Ben Affleck and starring Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, John Goodman, 
Tate Donovan and Victor Garber.

Extended Cut Blu-ray bought in 2013
129m 35s

Audio Commentary with Ben Affleck and writer Chris Terrio
Escape From Iran: The Hollywood Option (47mins)
Rescued from Tehran: We Were There (17mins)
Behind the Scenes - Argo: Absolute Authenticity (11mins)
ARGO: The CIA & Hollywood Connection (6mins)
Eyewitness Account - interactive bonus view feature 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Directed by Ben Affleck and starring Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Morgan Freeman 
and Ed Harris.

DVD bought in 2009
113m 53s

Audio commentary by Ben Affleck and screenwriter Aaron Stockard
Going Home: Behind the Scenes with Ben Affleck (7mins)
Capturing Authenticity: Casting Gone Baby Gone (9mins)
Extended scenes (17mins)

Monday, 24 August 2015

Smokin' Aces (2007)

Directed by Joe Carnahan and starring Ben Affleck, Andy GarcĂ­a, Alicia Keys, Ray Liotta, 
Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Kevin Durand and Chris Pine.

DVD bought in 2007
104m 22s

Audio commentary by director Joe Carnahan and editor Robert Frazen
Deleted and extended scenes
Alternate ending
Outtakes (10mins)
The Line-Up - interviews (13mins)
The Big Gun (12mins)
Shoot Em' Up: Stunts and Effects (5mins)

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Daredevil (2003)

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson and starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, 
Michael Clarke Duncan, Joe Pantoliano, Jon Favreau and David Keith.

Director's Cut DVD bought in 2004
Blu-ray bought in 2011
103mins (133mins)


Blu-ray extras -

Audio Commentary by Writer / Director Mark Steven Johnson and Producer Avi Arad
Enhanced Viewing Mode
Fact and Fiction - Trivia Track
Beyond Hell's Kitchen: The Making of Daredevil (59mins)
Jennifer Garner Screentest
Featured Villain: Kingpin
Daredevil: HBO First Look Special (25mins)
Moving Through Space: A Day with Tom Sullivan
Giving the Devil His Due (15mins)
Multi-Angle Dailies
Music Videos
Still Galleries
Men Without Fear: Creating Daredevil (59mins)
Theatrical Trailers

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Paycheck (2003)

Directed by John Woo and starring Ben Affleck, Aaron Eckhart, Uma Thurman, Colm Feore 
and Paul Giamatti.

DVD bought in 2004

Audio Commentary by Director John Woo
Audio Commentary by Screenwriter Dean Georgaris
Paycheck: Designing the Future (18mins)
Tempting Fate: The Stunts of Paycheck (17mins)
Deleted / Extended Scenes
Alternate Ending

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Sum of All Fears (2002)

Directed by Phil Alden Robinson and starring Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Bridget Moynahan, James Cromwell, Liev Schreiber, Colm Feore, Ciaran Hinds and Alan Bates.

Collector's Edition DVD bought in 2003

Audio commentary with Phil Alden Robinson and cinematographer John Lindley
Audio commentary with Phil Alden Robinson and novelist Tom Clancy
The Sum Of All Fears: A Cautionary Tale (30mins)
Creating Reality: The Visual Effects Of The Sum Of All Fears (28mins)
Theatrical trailer

Friday, 26 June 2015

Pearl Harbor (2001)

Directed by Michael Bay and starring Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale, Cuba Gooding Jr, Tom Sizemore, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Garner, Dan Aykroyd and Jon Voight.

DVD bought in 2001
4-disc Director's Cut DVD bought in 2003

4-disc DVD

4-disc DVD extras -

Audio Commentary by Michael Bay and Film Historian Jeanine Basinger
Audio Commentary by Jerry Bruckheimer, Ben Affleck, Alec Baldwin and Josh Hartnett
Audio Commentary by Cinematographer John Schwartzman, Production Designer Nigel Phelps, Costume Designer Michael Kaplan and Composer Hans Zimmer
Music Video - Faith Hill "There You'll Be"
Journey to the Screen: The Making of Pearl Harbor (47mins)
Production Diary (62mins)
Boot Camp (22mins)
Super 8 Montage
One Hour Over Tokyo - History Channel documentary (46mins)
Unsung Heroes of Pearl Harbor - History Channel documentary (46mins)
Oral History: The Recollections of a Pearl Harbor Nurse
Interactive Attack Sequence (28mins)
Deconstucting Destruction: A Conversation on Visual Effects with Michael Bay and Eric Brevig (21mins) (plus 28mins of Branching Footage)
When Cultures Collide- Interactive Timeline (68mins)
Production Design, Publicity and Historical Galleries
Theatrical Trailer
24-Page Collector's Booklet
4 Original Lobby Cards

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

Directed by Kevin Smith and starring Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, 
Eliza Dushku, Shannon Elizabeth, Ali Larter, Will Ferrell, Jason Lee and Chris Rock.

2-disc Collector's Edition DVD bought in 2003
Blu-ray bought in 2015
105m 07s


2-disc DVD extras -

Audio commentary by Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and producer Scott Mosier
42 deleted Scenes with Intros by Kevin Smith and guests
Why Movies Cost So Much: Comicon Gag Reel
Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash with intros
Behind-the-Scenes featurette
Comedy Central's Reel Comedy: Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
Morris Day and The Time: Learning the Moves
The Guide to Morris Day and The Time
Because I got High - music video by Afroman
Kick Some Ass - music video by Stroke9
Conceptual art and storyboards
Set photos
Poster design
Theatrical Trailers

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Directed by John Madden and starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes, Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, Ben Affleck, Tom Wilkinson and Judi Dench.

DVD bought in 2002
Blu-ray bought in 2014
123m 36s


Blu-ray extras -

Audio Commentary with director John Madden
Audio Commentary with actors Geoffrey Rush, Judi Dench, Gwyneth Paltrow, Colin Firth, and 
Ben Affleck, producers Donna Gigliotti, David Parfitt, and Marc Norman, screenwriter Tom Stoppard, production designer Martin Childs, costume designer Sandy Powell, and cinematographer Richard Greatrex
Shakespeare in Love and On Film (22mins)
Academy Award Winning Costumes
Deleted Scenes
Shakespeare Historical Notes
Theatrical Trailer

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Armageddon (1998)

Directed by Michael Bay and starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, Ben Affleck, 
Will Patton, Peter Stormare, Owen Wilson, Michael Clarke Duncan and Steve Buscemi.

2-disc Special Edition DVD bought in 2001
Blu-ray bought in 2010
150m 50s


2-disc DVD extras -

Audio Commentary by Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay, Bruce Willis & Ben Affleck
Audio Commentary by Cinematographer John Schwartzman, NASA Consultant Dr. Joe Allen and Asteroid Consultant Ivan Bekey
Deleted Scenes
Special Effects featurettes
Production Design featurettes
Production Design Gallery
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Music Video by Areosmith
Theatrical Trailer